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Baltimore, MD
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Antonia is the queen of floorwork!

Antonia is an acclaimed performer and choreographer of Greek descent who has performed in the United States and abroad for 40 years. She specializes in American/cabaret nightclub style belly dance with a gypsy flair and is one of the few dancers who still performs and specializes in floorwork. She is the recipient of two Middle Eastern Dance Achievement Awards and was featured in the documentary of legendary dancer Adriana which is filed in the Library of Congress. She is also a member of Council International Dance; Dora Stratou Greek Dance Theatre-Athens, Greece. Antonia is the principal dancer of the Baltimore Actor’s Theatre Company and performs in local musical productions throughout the area. She teaches out of her home studio in Baltimore, is the Artistic Director of two dance troupes, and has produced many dance productions in the Baltimore area.

Aliya’s Kismet Dancers

Gaithersburg – Germantown – Rockville

Aliya’s Kismet Dancers (in memory of the beloved founder, Aliya Quinn), under the direction of Shalaya, uses Egyptian Cabaret style Belly Dance for the basis of their choreographies as well as a fusion of bellydance with some familiar American traditional music while learning fun and challenging dance moves to entertain audiences at Haflas and various community venues in the Gaithersburg, Germantown, and Rockville areas.

For more information
email: Shalaya

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Artemis has taught classes, workshops and private lessons in all aspects of belly dancing from A to Z locally and in 36 states and 12 countries. She has written over 30 articles on dance related topics.
Regular classes, private lessons & workshops
Silver Spring, MD

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Artemis: “We can all use art to build bridges across cultures.”


Specialty: Egyptian Classical
Levels: Beginning & Intermediate
Private Lessons Only
Gaithersburg, MD

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A dynamic dancer, Ayaan Serene sweeps her veil into a curve


Adriana is no longer teaching, as she has retired to a nursing home. She welcomes your cards and letters (addressed to Adriana at Arcola Rehabilitation Center, 901 Arcola Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902).


Belladonna: Belly dance is powerful, sensual and fun.

Vienna, VA & Washington, DC
Belladonna is a tribal fusion belly dance performer & instructor. She is best known for her sword dancing/ balancing, musical expression, technique & creativity. She co-produces the monthly DCTribal Café & the annual Belly Horror Show. She also hosts & produces an annual student showcase & other variety shows, fundraisers & community-oriented events. Bella has taught & performed across the US and abroad. She is the author of several instructional DVDs.
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