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What’s Up for 2016?

WAMEDA is up for the new year 2016! Please click here to join or renew your membership.
On June 11th was the Annual Showcase! Please click here for details.

We’ll continue to publish the WAMEDA Newsletter — look for three issues this year.
The WAMEDA Library is open for WAMEDA members to borrow materials! Our excellent librarian is Jamil Bient (pictured). To see what’s available for borrowing, please click here.
WAMEDA needs YOUR energy, expertise, and enthusiasm! Come volunteer. Just click here for details on how YOU can help!
Pictured: Jamil Bient at the 2014 WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase. Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll.


WAMEDA in Review

2015 was an Exciting Year!

September 2015 — WAMEDA Hafla

Place: Sorrento Grill in Herndon, VA

What a wonderful show! Thanks go to our lovely dancers: Nimeera Nazmine, Amustela, Nadirah Nasreen, Nisaa Elon, Ayperi, Bahiya, and Shagoura. Thank you also to our emcee, Gerson Kuhr (The Fitness Pharaoh).
For more photos of the Hafla, please click here!




Nisaa Elon


August 2015 — WAMEDA Swap Meet

We had a successful Swap Meet with a great selection! Click here for photos.


June 2015 — WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase

Nimeera goes for a spin! The sublime Porsha! Amustela perfroms a classical danse orientale.

What a wonderful show. Click here to see our photos!

May 2015: Sip’n’Shimmy

Veda Sereem relaxes with a glass of wine. Philomeana strikes a pose with her Isis wings.

May 3: Sip’n’ShimmyClick here to see performance photos!
Feb. 22: Winter Workshop — What fun we had with our wonderful workshop instructors: Amustela, Latifa, Nimeera and Yasmin Henkesh.



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We look forward to welcoming you!
Pictured: Rashid Moudala truly expresses the joy of the dance!
Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll.



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  1. WAMEDA is a worthwhile organization that provides an umbrella under which various Mid-East Dance groups can share their work and experiences.

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