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September 6, 2014

What a spectacular event! We enjoyed wonderful performances by Lalita, Latifa, Nimeera, Raja Alashoush, Wendy Broadway and Yasmin Henkesh.


WAMEDA Members’ Annual Showcase

June 1, 2014

What a lovely show! What an enthusiastic audience! Our dancers outdid themselves at the 2014 WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase:

  • Hasina and Simha
  • Hazine
  • Jamil Bient
  • Sherzod
  • Lulu
  • Rashid Moudala
  • Shalaya (solo and with troupe)
  • Cha L’Mar
  • Peg Leg Meg
  • Shagoura

For more photos, please click on “WAMEDA Events” (above).
Photos courtesy of Nevin Boll.

Jamil Bient wows everyone with a lively performance in a stunning dress!


WAMEDA Winter Workshop

February 23, 2014

What a wonderful event! We enjoyed learning from FOUR of the Washington, DC, area’s finest dancers and instructors: Latifa, Amustela, Nimeera and Wendy Broadway. Click on “WAMEDA Events” (above) for photos.




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Rashid Moudala truly expresses the joy of the dance!


WAMEDA Logo Contest

We’ve chosen a NEW logo for WAMEDA!

Many thanks to David Wilkinson, the designer of our new logo! David was trained in sculpture, fine arts and philosophy. When he enlisted in the army, inspired by the film “Lawrence of Arabia,” he volunteered to be trained in Arabic, which led to a long period of travel and many adventures in Africa and the Middle East. He now is more permanently settled in Severna Park, where he participates in a weekly stone sculpture co-op, kayaks daily on the Severn River, and acts as logistical and IT staff to his lovely wife Latifa.

The new logo shows “WAMEDA” in English and spelled phonetically in Arabic. Phonetic Arabic is commonly used for conveying proper names, with the sounds written out. Arabic is written right to left.

Eventually, the new logo will appear in the upper left-hand page corner, as soon as the webmaster figures out HOW to do that.


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  1. WAMEDA is a worthwhile organization that provides an umbrella under which various Mid-East Dance groups can share their work and experiences.

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