Committees & Board

WAMEDA members: Make good use of your personal talents — join a WAMEDA committee! We especially need more people on our Programming Committee and Library Committee.


Programming Committee

This is one of our busiest committees, so we need lots of volunteers. The duties of the Programming Committee include planning:

  • The Annual Hafla
  • The Annual Members’ Showcase
  • The Swap Meet
  • The Winter Workshop
  • Special programs for WAMEDA members’ meetings
  • Any other special events during the year, such as the Sip’n’Shimmy

If you can pitch in, please contact LuLu.
Pictured: VP of Programming Laura Oliver (LuLu)
Photo courtesy of Shagoura


Library Committee

The duties of the Library Committee include:

  • Maintain and manage the materials in the WAMEDA Library, which include hundreds of videos, DVDs, CDs, tapes, books, & more.
  • Oversee lending Library materials to WAMEDA Members.
  • Sort and catalogue new materials and enter them into the Library database.

If you can give us a hand, please contact Joyce Jackson (Jamil Bient).
Pictured: WAMEDA Librarian Joyce Jackson (Jamil Bient)
Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll


Membership Committee

The duties of the Membership Committee are:

  • Actively recruit new members for WAMEDA. We would love to have a WAMEDA membership recruiter in every dance group! We need to build our membership so we can be the strong and effective organization we want to be.
  • Maintain the membership records.
  • Maintain & produce the Annual Membership Directory.
  • Maintain a listing of area members who are teachers & produce the Teacher Registry.
  • Maintain the email group list & send out periodic updates, announcements & reminders of WAMEDA events.

Please contact LuLu.

Public Relations Committee

Publicize WAMEDA’s activities & Mid-Eastern dance news. Please contact Shagoura, who will pass on your request to the appropriate person.


Newsletter Committee

Duties of the committee: To produce and distribute the bi-monthly newsletter to WAMEDA members in good standing.

We would be delighted to have a newsletter correspondent in every troupe or studio to keep our newsletter up to date on who is dancing where, when new classes are starting, and information about local dancers.

We would also love to have YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to the Newsletter: articles, ads, reviews, … whatever might be of interest to the dancing community.

If you’d like to help, please contact Shagoura.
Pictured: Newsletter Editor Susannah Challis (Shagoura)
Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll


An Ad Hoc Committee: WAMEDA Bylaws Committee

An ad hoc committee (a committee formed to fulfill a specific purpose) can be formed as the need arises.

In 2013, the WAMEDA Board of Directors decided to amend the Bylaws. To that end, the ad hoc Bylaws Committee (Shagoura and Hazine) was formed. The Bylaws Committee and the Board of Directors crafted amendments to the WAMEDA Bylaws. At the Annual Members’ Meeting in December 2013, these amendments were reviewed, discussed extensively, sometimes revised, and finally, voted in. To view the WAMEDA Bylaws, as amended in January 2014, please click here.

Thanks go to the WAMEDA Members who devoted many thoughtful hours to crafting amendments for the Bylaws: Veda Sereem, Kathy Skaggs (Hazine), Terry Faith (Bahiya), Jerry Thompson, and Susannah Challis (Shagoura).
Pictured: Bylaws Committee Co-Chair Kathy Skaggs (Hazine)
Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll.


Let’s Get Acquainted!

Meet WAMEDA’s 2015 Board of Directors, Officers & Committees

Gerson Kuhr (The Fitness Pharaoh)
Chair of the Board
Laura Oliver (Lulu)
Vice-Chair & VP of Programming
(Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll)
Susannah Challis (Shagoura)
President & Webmaster
(Photo courtesy of Ron Wimmer)
Verna Thompson (Cha L’Mar)
VP of Membership
Dorsey Vengrouskie (Hadria Bajack)
(Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll)
Jerry Thompson (with wife Verna)
Board Member at Large
(Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll)

Board of Directors: Gerson Kuhr (The Fitness Pharaoh), Laura Oliver (Lulu), Susannah Challis (Shagoura), Dorsey Vengrouskie (Pegleg Meg/Hadria Bajack), and Jerry Thompson (The Sultan).