Mid-East Entertainment

Delightful Porsha at the WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase

Philomeana performs at the WAMEDA Sip’n’Shimmy.
Both photos courtesy of Shagoura

The following restaurants and clubs offer Middle Eastern dancing and/or music.

WAMEDA encourages you to visit the listed clubs or restaurants. However, WAMEDA is not sponsored by any of the listed establishments, nor do we promote for them. We provide these listings for informational purposes only.

Please be aware that schedules may change at any time, so before you go, call ahead to inquire about performance schedules and to make reservations.

Washington, DC

The information on these restaurants and clubs was last updated in September 2015.

LuLu and Tut at the WAMEDA Sip’n’Shimmy
Photo courtesy of Shagoura

Beautiful BatheSheba at the WAMEDA Hafla.
Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll

Simha at the WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase.
Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll

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