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WAMEDA Annual Swap Meet

Sunday, August 3, 2014

12 noon to 5pm

Vendors galore! Fabulous bargains! Vintage costumes, beautiful fabrics,
swords, jewelry, veils, and more!

Free admission!

Shopping begins at noon!

Location: Dancer, 8010 Old Branch Avenue, Clinton, MD 20735

Would you like to be a vendor at the WAMEDA Swap Meet?
Buy a vendor space here! Only $25.00!

To purchase a vendor space, please click here:


WAMEDA Presents A Night of Stars

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A magnificent event featuring many of the area’s FINEST PROFESSIONAL DANCERS!










Amustela – Katrina – Lalita – Latifa – Nimeera
Raja Alashoush – Wendy Broadway – Yasmin Henkesh


Doors open at 6:00pm
Dinner at 7:00pm
Show at 8:00pm


Prices include a sumptuous Middle Eastern dinner. Cash bar available.
      Individual ticket: $40
      Table for eight: $280

Location: American Legion Hall #259, 9122 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735

To purchase A TABLE FOR EIGHT ($280), please click here:

To purchase an individual ticket ($40), please click here:



Please pay by check or by money order, payable to “WAMEDA”.

  • Purchase a TABLE FOR EIGHT for $280
  • Purchase an individual ticket for $40

Please send your payment to:

c/o Gerson E. Kuhr
P.O. Box 741
Springfield, VA 22150

Questions about the Hafla? Please contact Gerson at 703-862-7002.

WE THANK YOU! and we look forward to seeing you there!


WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase

June 1, 2014

Many thanks to all who worked so hard on the Showcase! We had a fun afternoon. The set was lovely; the dancers gave top-notch performances; and the audience was appreciative and enthusiastic. Photos will be posted as soon as the webmaster receives them.


WAMEDA Winter Workshop

February 23, 2014

Thanks to all who made our annual Winter Workshop a success. It was a fun day, too! Thanks go to Gerson Kuhr and Verna Thompson for organizing this event; to Verna and Jerry Thompson for providing a delicious lunch; and to Gerson Kuhr (aka The Fitness Pharaoh) for leading the warm-up.

Special thanks go to our teachers:




Wendy “Bhagwati” Broadway


Latifa: Introduction to Nubian Dance

Nubian dance — a fun and joyful dance style that is Egyptian dance with a distinctively African flavor. Latifa showed us the joy that is in Nubian music. She taught us a bit of Nubian history and culture, plus some easy steps and combinations that we put together into a dance.

Verna, Latifa, & Dorsey Attentive students listen to the teacher.
What a fun class! Latifa’s class was so absorbing that the photographer forgot to take more pictures. My apologies to all, especially to Latifa! — Shagoura
We practice a few basic steps before beginning our circle dance.  


Amustela: Beautiful Arms and Poses (It Can Make or Break Your Dance Presentation)

Amustela shows us how to be remembered for our poise (“Not the noise!”) We worked on graceful arms, artful poses, and lovely hands to frame the dance.

Amustela explains the importance of good posture. We stand very straight as we listen!
Amustela: “When I start out as a dancer, I had chicken wings!” We listen before we practice graceful hand and arm techniques.


Nimeera: Power and Precision

Nimeera led us through a discussion on powerful dance moves and communicating with the audience. We practiced ways to bring our dance from passive to powerful.

Nimeera: “What is a ‘powerful’ move?” Arms up in a dynamic move!
Shift your weight! Do a cross step!


Wendy “Bhagwati” Broadway: American Tribal Style®

What is ATS®? It’s improvisational choreography! Wendy taught us how to improvise dance within a group using classical ATS® movements, lead and follow, and nonverbal and verbal cues to transition an entire formation.

Wendy Broadway explains some basic steps. Turn!
Improvising a circle dance. We learn some secrets of improv.


WAMEDA Swap Meet

August 11, 2013

Wow, this was a great swap meet! We had ELEVEN vendors with tons of fabulous merchandise for sale. There were LOTS of elaborate bra tops & belts; full costumes; long dresses; costume coverups; cosmetics; CDs and DVDs; dance props; veils, veils, and more veils; skirts; Bollywood costumes; and much, much more.

Doris Elias (Ayaan Serene) displays and demonstrates BeautiControl products, including a foot spa treatment
& a variety of moisturizers & eye treatments.

Shirley (Zeenath), Veda Sereem and Nora discuss Nora’s beautiful new costume, which she bought at the Swap Meet.

Shirley (Sherzod) & Joyce (Jamil Bient) discuss a flowing pink dress.

Kelly & Kathy (Hazine) check out a green skirt, while Kathy (Gaia) looks over a vendor’s collection of bra tops & belts.

Jillian’s booth contains a variety of lovely items: drawstring zill bags, intricate handmade belts, costumes, CDs.
Many thanks to Laura Oliver (LuLu) for single-handedly organizing this event, and for taking all the photos.
Thanks go to Veda Sereem for providing the delicious lunch.
Thank you to Dancer for allowing WAMEDA the use of their studio.




WAMEDA Annual Members’ Showcase

June 2, 2013

Everyone, I apologize for photos in this section that may appear sideways on your iPad or smartphone. Rest assured, higher-quality photos are on their way, & once they’re posted, all of them will all be right side up!
– Shagoura, WAMEDA Webmaster

Alyssa performs a sword dance.

Alay’nya does a backbend during a candle dance.

Ayaan Serene, glittering in a lovely purple gown, performs a lively dance.

Bahiya dances with her floating blue veil.

Nimeera performs a fusion: Bollywood & belly dance.

Lulu (center, in white & black) leads the audience in a Greek line dance.

Here are the Mo’ Rockin’ Ladies, featuring Gaia, Hazine, Tamrah & Zeenath.

Rashid Mondala dazzles us with his zill work.

Jamil Bient performs a khaleegy dance in a spectacular costume.

Philomeana performs an Egyptian fan dance.

Shagoura does fast hip work.

Photos by Ron Wimmer & Shagoura. More photos are coming! We apologize that one performer is not yet pictured: Hessa, who performed a drum solo & a dance with Isis wings.




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