WAMEDA’s Annual Hafla

Saturday, September 26, 2015

TIME: Saturday 09-26-2015 at 6pm
PLACE: Sorrento Grill in Herndon, VA (http://www.sorrentogrill.com)
ADMISSION: $5 for WAMEDA members and $10 for non-members
WAMEDA members, please contact LuLu or Shagoura to reserve your performance spot.

The owner of the Sorrento Grill asks that all attendees purchase at least $12.00 in food and/or drink during the evening.
Pictured: Beautiful BatheSheba at the 2012 WAMEDA Hafla. Photo courtesy of Nevin Boll.


Annual Swap Meet

August 2, 2015

Our annual WAMEDA Swap Meet had a great selection. There were bargains a-plenty to browse, and lots of great merchandise.

Beautiful costumes for sale! Who doesn’t love loads of glittering fabric?
So much delightful stuff to browse. Tables set up and waiting!


Annual Members’ Showcase

June 7, 2015

We had a beautiful show with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience!

Thanks go to Gerson Kuhr, our MC; Bahiya and her daughter, Ellen, for handling the check-in table and answering questions; Dorsey Vengrouskie and son for handling the audio equipment; Lulu and Shagoura for organizing the show and making the program; and Jerry and Verna Thompson for procuring the venue.

Special thanks go to our very fine performers: Sha’vei, Philomeana, Shagoura, LuLu, Porsha, Rashid Moudala, Veda Sereem, Nimeera Nazmine, and Amustela.

Sha’vei opens the show with a flourish, doing a raks sharqi! Sha’vei dances to “Hamada” by Sayed Balah. What a beautiful dress!
Philomeana performs an Algerian festival dance choreographed by Veda Sereem.
Photo courtesy of Veda Sereem.
Philomeana dances to “Bou Saada Festival Dance” from “Music of the Ouled Nail.” This ethnic dance is serious business: Philomeana had to wear a solemn look.

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