Annual Members’ Showcase

June 7, 2015

We had a beautiful show with an enthusiastic and appreciative audience!

Thanks go to Gerson Kuhr, our MC; Bahiya and her daughter, Ellen, for handling the check-in table and answering questions; Dorsey Vengrouskie and son for handling the audio equipment; Lulu and Shagoura for organizing the show and making the program; and Jerry and Verna Thompson for procuring the venue.

Special thanks go to our very fine performers: Sha’vei, Philomeana, Shagoura, LuLu, Porsha, Rashid Moudala, Veda Sereem, Nimeera Nazmine, and Amustela.

Sha’vei opens the show with a flourish, doing a raks sharqi! Sha’vei dances to “Hamada” by Sayed Balah. What a beautiful dress!
Philomeana performs an Algerian festival dance choreographed by Veda Sereem.
Photo courtesy of Veda Sereem.
Philomeana dances to “Bou Saada Festival Dance” from “Music of the Ouled Nail.” This ethnic dance is serious business: Philomeana had to wear a solemn look.
Shagoura performs a Pharaonic dance choreographed by The Legendary Adriana.
Photo courtesy of Veda Sereem.
Shagoura dances to “The Mystic’s Dream” by Loreena McKennitt.
Photo courtesy of Veda Sereem.
LuLu performs a drum solo choreographed by Veda Sereem, accompanied on drum by Rashid Moudala.
Photo courtesy of Veda Sereem.
Rashid Moudala plays a mean doumbek. LuLu’s music is Gamal Gomaa’s “Sahra Saidi” drum solo.
Porsha performs an Egyptian-style dance. Look at that beautiful smile! Porsha dances to “Layla” by the Mogador Band. Porsha finishes up with lively hip movements during her drum solo.
Rashid Moudala performs an Egyptian-style dance. He plays a mean pair of zils, too! Rashid Moudala dances to Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s “Aziza” by Hossam Ramzy.
Veda Sereem graces us with a lovely performance.
Nimeera Nazine dances to a remix of “Alf Layla wa Layla.” Nimeera performs a high-energy dance challenge. Nimeera is so cute!
Amustela performs a vintage classical danse orientale. Amustela dances to “Leyla” by the Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra. Next, a special treat: an encore performance by Amustela, accompanied on doumbek by Rashid Moudala.
Amustela: “This is a totally impromptu performance.” Two pros: drummer and dancer are perfectly in sync. Amustela and Rashid Moudala.



May 3, 2015

What could be better than this combination: Fine wine and Middle Eastern dancing? We had a fun afternoon on a beautiful warm day at WAMEDA’s first annual wine-tasting event. The Port of Leonardtown Winery was a lovely venue. We sat outdoors on the shaded patio, sipping wine and enjoying fruit, cheese and crackers. Several WAMEDA members brought their costumes, music, zils and drums, and treated us all to performances. A big thank you to LuLu for organizing this lovely event!

LuLu performs a drum solo, accompanied by Rashid Moudala on doumbek. The beautiful LuLu! Philomeana, lovely with her Isis wings and gorgeous costume.
Philomeana swirls her Isis wings. Zyzy prepares to do a tray dance. Zyzy display perfect balance!
Zyzy and LuLu perform a drum duet. Rashid Moudala accompanies Zyzy and LuLu on doumbek.
Veda Sereem performs a lively dance. Look at that lovely smile! Veda Sereem does precise hip movements. LuLu and Tut: Rub-a-dub-dub!
Tut seems happy, performing with LuLu. Zyzy performs a sword dance. Zyzy turns with the sword — perfect balance!


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