Local Events


If you have an event that is local to the Greater Washington, DC Area and you would like to see it posted here, please contact Shagoura, the WAMEDA Webmaster. Thank you!


Maryland Bellydance Convention

Thursday-Sunday, July 10-13, 2014

Baltimore, MD

Workshops – Fshion Show – Vending – Performances – and much more!


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For details, please visit www.bellydanceconvention.com.


Artemis’ Totally Turkish Five-Day Intensive

At Studio Artemis in Maryland

August 6 – 10, 2014

WAMEDA member Artemis will teach her annual Totally Turkish 5-day dance intensive: 25 hours of instruction on Turkish Oriental dance and Turkish Romany (Gypsy) dance technique. This includes:

  • Steps and turns
  • Hip/ pelvic/ abdominal articulation
  • Finger snaps, gestures and combinations
  • The history of Turkish Oriental dance and Turkish Romany (Gypsy) dance
  • 9/8 rhythms and chiftetelli rhythms
  • How to put together a traditional Turkish Oriental show
  • Finger cymbals and wooden spoons
  • Nontraditional fusion skirt dance
  • Daily warm ups and cool downs
  • History lectures and the viewing of lots of DVD material AND an extensive manual.

A working knowledge of Turkish dance is encouraged. There will be a certificate of completion for all who have attended the full five days.

This event comes only once a year! People come from all over the US and from other countries as well, and it almost always sells out. Space is VERY limited so register early.

For more information, see http://www.serpentine.org/artemis/artcalendar.html.


Know Your Dance Roots!

Workshops and Hafla

August 9-10, 2014 in Millersville, MD



Wendy Bhagwati Broadway

Many styles of dance fall under the “belly dance” umbrella, from the very traditional Middle Eastern dances derived from folk dances, to the melting pot of vintage American cabaret, to cutting-edge fusion. These workshops will give you a deeper understanding of dance styles, how they developed and why, and help you as a dancer make intelligent and appropriate choices when designing your own dance.

This weekend event will feature Latifa, Amustela, and Wendy Bhagwati Broadway offering workshops in their specialties. These workshops are essential building blocks for the serious student, especially those who aspire to dance professionally and/or teach.

    Workshop topics include:

  • Egyptian Beledi
  • Ibrahim Farrah Technique
  • Vintage Orientale
  • Jamila Salimpour Technique
  • American Tribal Style
  • Suhaila Technique

For more information, and to register, see http://bintbeled.com/event/know-your-dance-roots/.


Halloween Party

October 27, 2013

This private party was not an official WAMEDA event. It was hosted by WAMEDA Members Verna and Jerry. Guests enjoyed a Halloween party at the Dancer Studio.

A happy group: Dorsey Vengrouskie, Verna Thompson & Dorsey’s son.

Smiling trio: Joy, Betty & a friend.

Denise & Patrice perform a flawless duet.

“Poison Ivy” strikes a naughty pose.

It’s “Hammer Time” with Joyce (Jamil Bient) & Nevin!

Here’s everyone’s favorite, Rashid Moudala!

Shagoura performs a snake dance.

Here are most of our lovely performers.

A witch flew in to enjoy the party!

Warm thanks go to Verna & Jerry for hosting a wonderful party!